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*READ THIS*... before booking your photographer.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Congratulations to all of the engaged couples that may be reading this! Such an exciting time for you! After celebrating, kissing a lot, and staring at your ring until you start seeing double... your first wedding planning task will probably be to find and book your dream wedding venue, which also includes nailing down your date.

Most often, I find that the second thing that you will be looking to check off your list... is hiring your photographer! So, today I thought I'd point out some things that I think are important to think about before booking your wedding day photographer.

Arrange a consultation!

Once you have found a photographer that you like, you should plan on meeting them! A photographer should be willing to offer a complimentary consultation so you can get to know each other and get any of your questions answered. Even if you love their photos, it is so important that you like the person that will be spending your ENTIRE wedding day with you!

*** I like to meet you and your fiance (or mom or a bridesmaid... or whoever else you might want there) at a coffee or ice cream shop, buy you both something to eat or drink, chat, and talk about your hopes and dreams for your wedding. If you prefer, we could also plan on a video consultation, which is helpful if we don't live near each other or you have a difficult schedule... then you wouldn't even have to change out of your sweats! ***

Schedule your engagement session!

I always recommend booking an engagement session... even if you think that you don't need or want engagement photos. This is a great opportunity to document your relationship before you say "I do" and helps you get more comfortable with being in front of your photographer's camera.

*** Each of my wedding day collections includes a complimentary engagement session! ***

Planning ahead.

Be sure to talk to your potential photographer about how they plan for your wedding. Will they be meeting with you to get details before the big day? How involved will they be in your wedding planning process? Do they have backup equipment? What does a typical wedding look like from their POV? What can you expect from your wedding gallery? Etcetera, etcetera.

*** After booking with me, I send all of my couples a welcome package that includes information that will, hopefully, make your wedding planning a little easier. My welcome package includes example timelines, preferred vendors, a photography guide, photo opportunity tips, and more!

On top of this, I offer open communication from the time that we meet. I provide you with my personal phone number where you can reach out to me at any point before or after your wedding day with any questions or concerns!

About a month before your wedding day we will meet again to talk details, nail down a timeline, and answer any other questions that you may have. Then, on the day of your wedding, I always plan on arriving 30 minutes prior to our agreed start time. This gives me extra time in case of an unavoidable event that could cause my drive to your venue to take longer than planned.***

Your wedding album!

Another thing you should think about is what you can expect from your photographer after your wedding day. Does your photographer have a limit to how many images they send? Do they send all of the photos that they took, but only professionally edit a limited amount? How long will it take for them to finish and send your album to you?

*** Each of my wedding day collections includes an unlimited amount of professionally edited photographs that will be waiting for you in an online album! For more information on how many photos you can expect in your wedding day album, click here and scroll down the page to check out my FAQ. ***

I can't wait to get to know you both and take some beautiful photos of you!

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