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a "great american" love story | scotty + ciara @ the great american ball park | cincinnati, ohio

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

On a cloudy afternoon in May, I was escorted through the home stadium of the Cincinnati Reds baseball team. I ducked behind some stadium seats near the field and waited patiently for Scotty and Ciara to emerge.

They were taking a tour of the stadium for Scotty's birthday, but Ciara didn't know that, by the end, they would have something more to celebrate! The guide led them down onto the field and as they stood behind home plate... Scotty asked her to marry him! Ciara was genuinely surprised and even more so when she learned that her family was watching from above, through the windows of an infield box.

Congratulations to Scotty and Ciara on their engagement! I loved being a witness to this special day in their lives and can't wait to see more of them.

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