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"just a little bit of a hike" | nate + carynne @ raven rock | dubois, indiana

Updated: Jan 3

Nate proposed to Carynne (a.k.a. Bobby) in November and they both knew that they didn't want to plan a big wedding with a long engagement. So, they decided on an intimate winter ceremony just a little over a month away from when they got engaged. We squeezed in an engagement session before they tied the knot at their family's church on December 21st, 2022. I wasn't able to be there to document their ceremony but we plan on doing some portraits of the two of them in their wedding attire this Spring! <3

We made the perilous hike to Raven Rock, located on my family's property in Dubois, IN. I fell twice (maybe three times) and Bobby almost lost a boot in mud but we survived the hike and everyone made it home alive! Based on the photos, I think it was worth it... plus Nate found himself a new hunting spot.

Congratulations Nate and Bobby Stadick! Love you both!

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